With the volume of negative images and news stories we are fed through the media, it is no surprise that many tourists think they should avoid Africa. This is simply not the case. Safe places to visit in Africa are in abundance: it is a beautiful, vast, diverse continent.

There are some unsafe countries in Africa which you should not visit at the moment but doesn’t mean the whole of Africa is unsafe for tourist.

Here are 7 of the safest places in Africa which allow you to experience and witness Africa’s unique wonder and beauty in a risk-free location.

1. Kenya
Kenya is renowned for its hospitality, national parks and stunning coastlines.

2. Botswana
It is one of the most stunning and safest place in Africa for a safari.

3. Ethiopia
It is a country of epic and diverse beauty.

4. Nigeria
Nigeria is known for it diverse culture and beauty. They have beautiful ladies and mouth-watering foods too. There is some trouble, in some of the northern states, but that should not stop you from exploring other part of the country.

5. Mauritius
A tropical paradise with low level of poverty. The people are very friendly and welcoming.

6. Morocco
One of the safest in North Africa. Visitors can enjoy fantastic weather, a unique history, delicious food and discover the alluring medieval market town of Marrakesh.

7. Madagascar
The fourth largest island in the world. A stable country that is well-governed. 75% of wildlife in Madagascar is found nowhere else.

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