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International Flight Resumption Date Not Sacrosanct — PTF Coordinator  

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The Coordinator of Presidential Task Force on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu, has clarified that the resumption of international flights will be from August 29, 2020, and not on that date.

According to him, August 29th is not sacrosanct but if aviation authorities meet the criteria for resumption on the 29th, they will be given the green light to resume.

The Minister of Aviation, Heidi Sirika, explained that the resumption will begin with Lagos and Abuja as did with the domestic flight resumption.

Aliyu said: “We will spend a whole day discussing international travel and how this will be done. We are grateful to CACOVID and it’s partners for helping to support this process because it would help us to expedite the opening of the airport.

And if I may clarify, we said from the 29th of August, we didn’t say on the 29th of August.

So, very similar to what we did for the domestic. Don’t come back and say that we promised we will open on the 29th, that 29th is not sacrosanct but we will work towards it, we will seriously try and deliver it but from the 29th as far as the PTF is a concern, if aviation comes to us and say they are ready from the 29th, we will say please go ahead.

If they come back on the 28th, it is too early.”



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