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Call it climate change, act of god, freak weather whatever! All I know is that the risk of flooding has never been greater and therefore the necessity to protect our homes with some kind of flood proof flooring is becoming an integral part of construction and home improvement projects nationwide.

Fortunately, along with the demand for good flood proof flooring came a need for technological advances in specialist waterproof coverings which resist mold and mildew. Epoxy coatings are one such product which has become very well respected over recent years. Epoxy coatings are used successfully in garages, swimming pools, laundries, and all manner of commercial buildings. But now, more than ever before, they are being used in our living spaces too.

After a number of wet winters, we decided to use Epoxy coatings in and around our home and after the garage got flooded out last year, we agreed it was a very wise investment indeed. Once the water subsided and posed no threat or returning, we were able to pressure wash all the mud and slime away in no time at all. It didn't take long for the garage to dry out after that, and we had it whipped back into shape within hours.

Now, if you compare that to some of the older technologies such as carpeting, vinyl and woods, the benefits are just obvious. Any of the afore mentioned products would have been deemed useless after a flood, and furthermore, the surface below them may have needed repairing or at the very least, required some considerable time to dry out completely. The great thing about the modern flood proof coatings is that even waste such as sewer, plus petrol, oil, and other kinds of organic matter which can be carried by flood water, can be simply rinsed away pretty easily after the event.

But let's not assume flood proof flooring is reserved just for high risk areas. My mother, who lives in a no risk, or certainly low risk part of the country, got flooded out by a burst water pipe one winter's day. It absolutely wreaked havoc with her downstairs area, and such was the extent of this damage that she had to come and stay with us for a few weeks while the entire house was dried out, and aerated.

Many newer homes in higher risk areas are opting for some of the smart flood-proof epoxy coated floorings that are now available for houses. Now this may not sound attractive but you really do have to see them to believe it. If a floor is well laid and coated professionally, and has one or two trendy area rugs placed on top, the results are both practical and stylish to say the least.

Wherever you apply flood proof flooring, you can guarantee that with today's products you will be getting real quality products that will withstand all that man or Mother Nature can throw at it.

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