It is 2020, and Covid19 has slowed down the travel business and left the online and brick and mortar travel agents with almost no products to sell.
At a time like this, every source of income is beneficial.
Here are some ways you can make extra bucks during the Covd19 era and afterward.

1. Most travel and tour operators travel around the world as much as they sell destinations. If you have taken quality pictures of these destinations, you may be able to make some money.
How: You can turn those pictures into Videos. Post these videos on YouTube, Instagram (IGTV), and much more. If you have great content and get lots of views, YouTube and Instagram may pay you for views on your video. (Apps like Movavi, Filmora, Inshot or the regular video editor on windows10 can turn pictures into videos).
Alternatively, you can hire an excellent video editor to do the job.

2. You can also sell your pictures without making videos out of them. If you have quality pictures, instead of storing them inside the hard drive or laptops, you can sell them online. There are several websites and apps where you can sell pictures. E.g., Shutterstock, 500px, or post it for sale on your company website.

3. Although overlooked, Logistics Business is linked to travel, only now you are moving articles, not people from place to place – you can start as a subagent or get certified. This is pretty straightforward, and you earn some good cash.

4. Create a Virtual application and give people travel experiences without actually traveling.
However, to effectively do this, you need to have good 360degres pictures, you can use apps like Mobfish VR STUDIO to convert 360-degree pictures into Virtual applications.

5. Teach. You can share your knowledge and, of course, get paid. Create a course content relating to travel like – how you start a travel agency, travel agency management, Marketing, etc.

6. Write a book about your travels, share your experiences, create an ebook as a destination guide, give helpful tips to travelers, or give people insights on your travel experiences.
Lots of websites allow you to publish articles and books for free. An example is Amazon. Amazon even handles printing and shipping if such a request comes in. Cool right?

7. Sell experiences online. Travel and Tourism are so broad that one can rarely run out of ideas to sell.
Experiences like foreign food making classes, online native music entertainment, tour guides showcasing real-time local tourism online are currently making waves in some parts of Europe.
Some Youtube and Instagram pages now show live feeds of game drives and have viewerships from across the globe.

8. If you are a polyglot, bi-lingual, or just monolingual, then teach a language to foreign or domestic clients in the comfort of their homes. Tanzania Chamber of commerce has been running online Swahili classes.
You would be amazed at how many people want to learn languages.

9. After all, is said and done, Google is a good friend, and there are many options and avenues out there, and it is just a search away.

If you found this educating, please leave a comment below and share it to help someone who may need to read this.

Uhunamure J. Erhahon

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