What Is Birth Tourism

What is birth tourism?  Confused by the hype about birth tourism?

Are you confused by the hype about birth tourism? Do not be.

Today we are going to be define and throw more light on the concept of birth tourism.

Here are the things you will learning:

  • What is birth tourism?
  • When to consider birth tourism?
  • Cost of birth tourism in some countries
  • Which country has the highest birth tourism rate?
  • Is birth tourism legal in the USA bad?
  • Is birth tourism a bad thing

Ready? Let’s start.

What is Birth Tourism?

Wikipedia defines birth tourism as a concept or as some might prefer, a phenomenon that involves traveling or visiting another region or jurisdiction for the purpose of childbearing.

Even though that is the way, it is been defined by wikipedia, if you take the two words separately, you might begin to have a different idea about the concept of birth tourism.

When Do People Consider Birth Tourism As An Option?

On the surface, birth tourism could be said to be on the increase just because it is a trend that for whatever reason appeal to a lot of people, kind of like the way social media is the new environment where we carry out all kinds of conversations and transactions.

In the same way, birth tourism has thrust itself in our faces and it is a phenomenon that is daily on the increase. Actually, it is important to note that birth tourism is not a new idea neither is it nascent.

It has always been in existence since boundaries and immigration laws became a major feature in the international system. But what makes the past different from today is the rate in which it has increased.

There are many reasons why the rate of birth tourism seems to be higher but we have highlighted some of the top reasons here.

  1. Securing Citizenship: One of the most popular reason and perhaps, the most contributory factor to the increase of birth tourism is securing citizenship for the children. Many parents prefer to birth their children in other countries so the children can have another citizenship apart from that of their parents. In this case, it occurs in countries that allow citizenship by birth. The doctrine “jus soli,” which means “right of earth” simply suggests that if one is born in a place, one has a right to belong to that particular place and some countries operate based on this doctrine, making it easy for parents that want their kids to be citizens of other countries. Another important fact to note is that for this reason, the rush is usually to developed countries that others want to be recognized with like the United States or Canada.

  1. Free Tuition: Free schooling, free medicals and other benefits are another reason people prefer to birth their children in another country. If for instance, the parents’ country does not have these benefit or if facilities are poor, parents would prefer to bear the child in countries where benefits can be guaranteed.
  2. Safe Delivery: As funny as it may sound, some people just want to give birth safely. This is because they feel the medical practitioners in their countries cannot offer them what they want either due to maternal mortality rate or from past experiences. They, therefore prefer to go to other countries where they feel they have more confidence in the delivery success rate. For this set of people, therefore it is simply born out of a need to make sure they survive the journey of pregnancy.
  3. Country policies: In countries like China, where there is a restriction on the number of children each couple are allowed to have, the people travel to have their children if they have exceeded the number of children they are allowed. In this way, they prevent the need to get rid of the child and also succeed in making the child the citizen of the birth country. Therefore, they don’t flout the rules of their country. It is usually a win-win situation for such parents.

Cost of Giving Birth In Some Countries?

The cost of delivery varies from country to country and it also sometimes depends on if the parents are citizens of that particular country or not.

  • Australia

Public hospitals are free, private hospitals are between $6,000 and $21,000.

  • United States

In the US, it is more difficult to calculate because of the various medical plans and insurance. However, it ranges based on hospitals from $2,200 – $2,700 to $32,000 for vaginal birth and $51,000 for Cesarean section.

  • Canada

In Canada, there is free health care for both citizens and permanent residents to register private hospital however, cost about $1,365 to $2,135

  • Germany

State hospitals are free but private hospitals cost between $1,100 and $7,100.

  • Russia

Russian public hospitals are also free and private hospitals cost about $1,500

  • France

France state hospitals are free and private cost about $3,600

  • United Kingdom

Public hospitals are also free and private hospitals are about $11,000 – $14,000.

  • Spain

State hospitals are free and private hospitals cost around $2,600 to $7,900

  • Brazil

State hospitals – free, private hospitals – $5,600 to $6,200

  • China

State hospitals – $0, private hospitals – $700 to $1,400

  • Mexico

Public hospitals – free, private hospitals – $280 to $3,000

  • Malaysia

State hospitals cost $3 to $250 and private hospitals cost $600 to $1600

  • UAE

State hospitals – $1,400 to $2,200 and private hospitals – $2,500 to $4,900

  • India

State hospitals cost $0 and private hospitals cost $1,000 to $1,400

Which Country Has The Highest Birth Tourism Rate?

Considering the countries that allow citizenship by birth experience by birth are the ones likely to have more cases of birth tourism rate.

And since we have already understood that the most developed of these countries are the ones likely to experience higher cases of birth tourism, the United States and Canada are the most popular countries to visit for birth tourism.

But the United States have a clause that limits the number of children they give citizenship by birth, thus, Canada, being a developed country and a country that gives citizenship by birth unconditionally is the country with the highest birth tourism rate.

Is Birth Tourism Legal in the USA?

Birth tourism is not necessarily illegal in the United States as most pregnant women apply for visitor or tourist visa and some do actually apply for visa to deliver in the USA for health reasons. So what would make birth tourism illegal is if the parent is an illegal immigrant or committed visa fraud.

Why Do Some People Think Birth Tourism Is Bad?

Many people have still not been able to reconcile with the idea of birth tourism, especially citizens of countries that are the most popular birth tourism countries or countries that allow citizenship by birth.

Some of the people and politicians alike of these countries have tried incessantly for the government to review the citizenship laws.

Most recently, Donald Trump, the newly elected president of the United States of America was very vocal about the amendment of the immigration and by extension, the citizenship law during his campaign.

Whether he is going to proceed with what he said is yet to be known. What is fact, however is their argument that the children given birth to during birth tourism are used as anchor for the whole family. They argue that the children act as an anchor to keep the parents in the country, hence the term, “anchor baby,” that some find offensive.

First posted Dec 2016

Source:  https://www.deluxechildbirth.com/what-is-birth-tourism/

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